Ben Mendez - National Chairman

Ben was raised in McAllen, Texas and came to Houston to attend college in 1987. He earned his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Teacher's Certification from the University of Houston.

Ben began his professional career while in college as a City Council Aide to Councilman Ben T. Reyes. After graduating from college, he became an educator. Ben taught Math at Austin High School, Houston Community College and the University of Houston. Ben then was a Program Manager for the University of Houston, Natural Sciences and Math Department, where he was responsible for the recruitment and retention of math, science, technology and engineering majors.

Currently, Ben is the President of the Project Management Group (PMG), a design and construction management firm. As a consultant, Ben is involved in many governmental and private sector projects. In the City, Ben is best known as the Data Manager for the City of Houston's Joint Hurricane Housing Program, which has housed 34,000+ evacuee families in Houston. He also serves as the CIP Manager for the City's Capital Improvement Budget, a $1.4 billion design and construction budget for all city facilities.

Ben and his wife, Iris, founded, a web site calendar targeting Houston's Hispanic community. This web site has been featured in numerous media sources, because of its popularity among Houston's Hispanic professionals.