Start An NHPO Chapter

Establishing a New NHPO Chapter

The following is a step by step procedure to follow when establishing a new NHPO professional chapter. As NHPO continues to grow and new chapters are formed it is important that each new chapter follow the below procedure process.

This document is intended to ensure that an effective and efficient communication line is established early between a new prospective chapter and NHPO’s national office.


  • I. Establish an Interim Board of Directors

    The first step to starting a new NHPO chapter is to establish an Interim Board of Directors. The Interim Board of Directors must consist of a minimum of seven (7) and no more than fifteen (15) people of like mind interested in the development, growth and sustainability of a NHPO chapter.

    The individuals who make up the interim board should be people who are well known and established professionals in the community. The individuals selected should have leadership experience, a willingness to put in the time, effort and resources necessary to start a new NHPO chapter. Said individuals must be able to bring a professional skill and or resources to the table.

  • II. Develop a Plan of Action

    The second step in establishing a new chapter is to develop an eighteen (18) month Plan of Action. NHPO national will provide a template and samples of action plans from other chapters that have been submitted and approved.

    The Plan of Action must include, but is not limited to, events and activities such as meeting dates, description of networking opportunities, description of seminars, workshops and other like events.

  • III. Submission to National Board of Directors

    Upon completion of the Plan of Action, it must be signed by the submitting individual and approved by the Interim Board of Directors of the proposed new chapter. The plan will then be submitted to the NHPO National President.

    The National President will review the document and give the necessary feedback to the submitters. The NHPO National President will work with the submitters and/or the Interim Board of Directors to ensure the document is in order and in line with the mission and objectives of NHPO.

  • IV. Approval I

    After the National Board President has completed reviewing the Plan of Action, the document will be submitted to the NHPO Executive Committee for further review and consideration.

    Once the Executive Committee agrees to the proposed Plan of Action, the document along with a roster of Interim Board of Directors and any other supporting material that shows a new NHPO chapter can be started and sustained, will be submitted and placed on the NHPO National Board of Directors’ agenda for the next scheduled meeting.

    Submitters may be asked questions by the full National Board of Directors and may be required to provide additional documentation.

  • V. Recruitment

    Recruitment for chapter members can begin upon the submission of the Plan of Action to the NHPO Executive Committee by the NHPO National President.

    For final approval as a new chapter a roster of a minimum of twenty-five (25) people must submitted to the NHPO National Secretary. These 25 individuals must be willing to join the submitting NHPO chapter and have completed the NHPO membership form.

    No membership dues or sponsorships or monies of any kind can be collected nor a bank account opened until the submitting chapter has been approved by the full NHPO National Board of Directors.

    Keep in mind that professional chapter members should also be, although not limited to, Hispanic professionals, of 21 years of age or older.

  • VI. Submission to National Board of Directors

    Upon receiving/collecting 25 applications, copies of applications shall be submitted to the NHPO National Secretary for verification.

  • VII. Approval II

    Upon the approval of a new chapter by the NHPO National Board of Directors the submitters will be sent a letter of approval, a copy of the board minutes showing the vote to establish said chapter and a copy of IRS documents necessary to open a new bank account.

    In the approval letter a mentor/liaison will be assigned to the new NHPO professional Chapter. This individual will assist the new chapter as they progress throughout the first year.

  • VIII. Bank Account

    Upon receiving the IRS statement and approval letter, the chapter is responsible for taking these two documents and a set of meeting minutes to establish a bank account.

    Upon creating the bank account, then and only then, can the chapter begin collecting membership dues.

    The chapter will be required to submit a copy of their monthly Board of Directors’ meeting minutes to the NHPO National Secretary and a copy of the monthly Treasures’ Report to the NHPO National Treasurer.


  • During the first established year of the NHPO professional Chapter, the NHPO National Board of Directors will require the following documentation on a monthly basis.

    • • Meeting Minutes

    • • Treasurers’ Report
    • • Activity Reports

    NHPO National Board of Directors will require that no less than once a quarter that a membership update be submitted on an excel spread sheet.

    Every effort will be made to insure the success of each new NHPO Chapter. However, chapters must take the responsibility of meeting NHPO requirements and submitting required reports and documents in a timely fashion. If the start-up requirements are not met, the NHPO National Board of Directors will:

    • • Issue a yellow flag for the first month of noncompliance.

    • • Issue a red flag for the second month of noncompliance.
    • • May dissolve the NHPO Chapter for the third month of noncompliance.

For further explanation or for any questions you may have about starting a new NHPO Chapter please contact NHPO’s National President, J.R. Gonzales at