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Article V - Membership

Section 1: Membership. Membership shall be granted upon payment of membership dues, completion of a membership application, and approval by chapter Board of Directors. Memberships are valid through December 31 of paid year, unless dues were paid on or after September 1. In this case, membership shall be valid until December 31 of the following year.

Section 2: Types. There are four types of memberships: Individual, Non-Profit, Business, and Corporate. Dues for Individuals are $25 per year and $250 for Non-Profits. Dues for Business and Corporate Members are at the discretion of individual Chapters.

Section 3: Benefits. The benefits of each type of Membership shall be at the discretion of individual Chapters.

Section 4: In-kind. Memberships may be granted to individuals in exchange for services rendered, memberships to other organizations, or benefits for NHPO, as long as the value of the exchange is of equal value or more than the NHPO membership given. The Chapter Chair shall determine the value of the exchange.