The NHPO leadership recognizes the fact that no two cites or communities are the same. Geographical location, demographic breakdown, regional influences and state laws are all factors in what a chapter will look like and how it will evolve. As each chapter has the latitude to do what works best in their communities they are not autonomous.

Each NHPO chapter is connected to each other by a common mission and objectives. Every chapter uses the NHPO National by-laws so that the standards and form of governance in each chapter is the same.

All NHPO chapters and programs are connected by the same web site, creating a centralized point of information and resources for all of the NHPO chapters.

One of the many factors that create a strong bond within the NHPO organization is that when a person joins any NHPO chapter they automatically become a member of all NHPO chapters. Therefore, all chapters and are interlocked by common governance, policies, procedures, programs of work and members.

If you are interested in starting a new NHPO chapter, please go to the How To section of this site and you will find a step by step procedure on how to start a new chapter.

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