Social Network Marketing

The World of Social Media

by Sandy N. Ibáñez

Socially Redefined Communications – The SRC Group

Too many times we have been asked “do you Facebook,” “are you on Twitter,” or “connect with me on LinkedIn” but what does all this stuff mean?

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the wonderful world of Social Media. To make sure we are all on the same page allow me to give you a simple definition: Social Media is a term used to describe the type of media that is based on conversation and or interaction between people online.

Another way to describe what Social Media is – imagine a huge room full of people from all walks of life, ages, industries, backgrounds, talents and education levels. Imagine this room even has those top executives you have been trying so hard to meet, all hanging out in the same place somewhere in cyberspace. Using Social Media you can have access to all of these people.

In today’s fast paced world, it is impossible and cost prohibitive to attend every business mixer, networking opportunity, dinner or social event hosted by your favorite organizations and other organizations you may have your eye on. By joining and participating in on-line networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others, you have the opportunity to connect with people you know, new people and even the people you have wanted to meet. It is all made possible to you through modern day technology and something we call Social Media.

Even though this phenomenon seems relatively new, it’s not. Social Media has been around in one form or another since the first part of the 1800’s when the first electronic communications medium was invented, the telegraph.

As the times and technology has evolved, so have our communication mediums and the medias we use to fulfill our need for instantaneous global connectivity. We live an era where we have grown to expect accurate, up-to-the-second information, along with the personal need to be heard.

Today, various forms of Social Media feed our personal appetite to be heard and to be connected. In a few years from now the rapid evolution of technology may take Social Media to a level we cannot currently comprehend. Maybe one day in the near future Facebook and Twitter may be placed in the same historical category as the CB Radio and the mimeograph machine.

Remember when you got your first computer? I know I do, like it was yesterday. When my parents brought home our first computer, the excitement of finally having a machine that could help me and my sisters with homework was overwhelming. However, once we learned the basics of how the computer worked I wanted to learn more. I wanted to explore the endless possibilities of what I could do and learn on my computer. The need I had to learn more about the world and people around me was temporarily satisfied once I discovered and starting exploring the InformationHighway we now call The Net.

Even as a child I knew that I wanted to be connected and explore the wonders of the World Wide Web. Today, however, I still have a burning yet simple question in my mind when it comes to technology and Social Media: What’s next?

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