2012 NHPO Board of Directors

Position Name of Member NHPO Email
Chair: Jesse Rodriguez [email protected]
Vice Chair: Christina Flores [email protected]
Secretary: Dolores Leal [email protected]
Treasurer: Ricardo Fernandez [email protected]
Legal Counsel: Edgar Saldivar [email protected]
Past Chair: Jaime Alvarado [email protected]
Information Technology: Richard Reyes [email protected]
Social Media: Cesar Espinosa [email protected]
Marketing: Jose Diaz [email protected]
Public Relations: Pilar Torres [email protected]
Community Affairs: Michael Alexander [email protected]
Membership: Rebecca Melchor [email protected]
Recreation: Carlos Velazquez [email protected]
Youth Group: Carmen Garcia [email protected]
Corporate Development: Gloria Alvarez [email protected]
Budget & Finance: Michael Trejo [email protected]
Educational Breakfast: David Guerrero [email protected]
Event Planner: Sonia Rivera [email protected]
NHPOLI Board: Veronica Mosqueda [email protected]
NHPO Advisor: Raul Reyes [email protected]
Director: Tammy Barrera [email protected]
Director: Lori Leal [email protected]
Director: Rachel L. Salts [email protected]

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