On January 1, 2009 the National Hispanic Professional Organization (NHPO) and Houston Community College (HCC) Southeast Campus, joined forces to create the NHPO Leadership Institute, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 program designed to help professional growth of leaders, so that they in turn can make our communities stronger. The vision of the founders was to create a program designed to promote professional development training and foster a curriculum that catered to professionals from all walks of life.

The goal to strengthen communities, through educational initiatives and develop professionals with the skill sets, knowledge and opportunities necessary to be more successful, effective and have a positive influence on their communities, through volunteerism and non-profit board participation.

The NHPO Leadership Institute offers a course entitled “Preparing the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow,” which gives participants an overview and hands on training to become a more effective leader, organizer, and motivator.


• Leadership • Team Building / Community Involvement
• Strategic Planning • Effective Networking
• Conflict Management • Diversity Training
• Public Speaking • Media Training
• Conducting Effective Meetings • Internet Collaboration Tools
• Time Management

In addition, all students are required to participate in a one-day ropes course designed to build self-confidence, teamwork and trust among students.

The Leadership Institute course is not yet available in each chapter city. NHPO currently has leadership l programs in Houston, Texas and Memphis, Tennessee. Austin, Texas is the next chapter city scheduled to establish a leadership program.

The NHPO leadership program will cover the same core modules but class schedules may vary form chapter to chapter. Each class is taught by a different instructor selected based on their expertise on the subject matter.


Everyone is invited to apply for admission into the leadership course. All applicants are interviewed by a panel of Leadership Institute Alumni, to insure the candidates commitment to servant leadership and expectations of the leadership candidates. Since its inception in January 2009, the Institute has graduated over 150 leaders. These individuals now serve on numerous non-profit boards and volunteer with various charitable and educational organizations. While the intensive training and curriculum is certainly a most valuable asset, one of the greatest strengths of the Leadership Institute is the network of dedicated professionals that provide a myriad of support, mentorship and resource to its graduates.

Approximately 30 candidates will be selected to participate in the course per semester.

For more information about NHPO’s leadership programs contact:

Javier Perez at [email protected]
J.R. Gonzales at [email protected]

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